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Once purchasing, you will get your item automatically in both the Site and  ALL the Servers. Time adds up eg: you can buy 2x 3 month subscription and you will have a total of 6 months.

We recommend using 2Checkout to pay!, it supports PayPal !

Payment Methods
MineTTT VIP is a package that includes:

 Joining full servers

 Spectating games in progress

 Access to VIP Forums

 Special Forum Rank

 Special in game Rank

 Ability to choose your Role!

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MineTTT VIP 1 Month · $10.00 · Feb 21, 13
MineTTT VIP 1 Month · $10.00 · Feb 16, 13
MineTTT VIP 6 Months · $45.00 · Feb 10, 13
MineTTT VIP 1 Month · $10.00 · Feb 3, 13
MineTTT VIP 1 Month · $10.00 · Feb 2, 13