MineTTT is a new Minecraft gamemode that resembles the

 popular GMOD Variant: Trouble in Terrorist Town. MineTTT

 is a strategy game that consists of the Roles Traitor, 

Detective and Innocent. Once you learn the Basics we 

guarantee you will become addicted!


The traitor's role is to kill both innocents and Detectives without being caught! Some key traitor features are:

 Traitors have a RED name
 Traitors can see who innocents and
    detectives are!
 Traitors start with 2 Gold Nuggets that can be
    used in their traitor /shop to buy one hit kill
    knifes, Jihad bombs (suicide bombs) and 
    proximity mines!
 Killing people as a traitor gives you Gold 


The Detective's role is to hunt down Traitors! Some features to note about detectives are:

 Detectives have a BLUE name!
 Detectives spawn with a compass, they can use it 
    to inspect dead bodies which will point the
    compass to the killer for a short amount of time.
 Detectives can access the Detective /shop to buy
    useful items like Healing Stations, one shot kill
    bows and teleportation eggs!
 Detectives can only see who other detectives are.


The innocents play a very important role in MineTTT! They must be very careful to see who is a traitor to kill them! Some things Traitors should note:

 Innocents have a GREEN name.
 Innocents can only know who detectives are!
 Innocents must be sure to a degree that their 
   victims are indeed traitors or they will loose
   Karma and suffer consequences.
 The majority of the players in the game are 
 Killing other innocents WILL make people think 
   you are Traitor!


Karma is a system that awards you with Karma Points on every kill and it will harm your Karma pool if as an innocent you kill other innocents, or if as a traitor you kill other traitors and so on. 

You begin with 1000 Karma points and if you ever go below 0 you will be banned for a week. Karma is shown in your XP bar and in your statistics here in the site.